Band Heaters

Band heaters are perfect for your industrial applications. The four types are: Mica, Ceramic, Mineral-Insulated (MI) and Cast-in. These are all commonly used to heat cylindrical surfaces, whether pipes, barrels, external tanks, and vessel heating. Band heaters electrically warm the external surface and provide indirect heating.

Moreover, choosing the type of band heater is usually dependent on the size, application operating temperatures, total wattage requirements based on a recommended watt density, and the longevity of the heater. In summary, many types and sizing options are available to meet the needs of your specific application. Select from our Product Band Heater category page, or simply contact us.

Performance Capabilities for Band Heaters

  • Up to 1400º F (760º C)
  • Watt densities up to 100 Watt/in2 (15.5 W/cm2) available
  • Voltage up to 480V

Band Heaters Typical Applications

Mica band heaters applications are used for lower max temperature and are less costly. Ceramic band heaters can handle more heat, and because excellent insulation, they can hold temperatures well. The Mineral-Insulated (MI) band heaters are made for the highest temperatures, sometimes exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and they have very high watt densities. Cast-in band heaters are typically chosen due to their durability and longevity. However, they are often chosen because they can be used for heating and cooling. This requires tubing to be cast into the aluminum along with the heater.

Types of Band Heaters

Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters are best suited for uses involving low to moderate temperatures. Mica also offer a wide variety of termination and clamping styles. Ideally suited for the plastics industry applications, Mica can be used for heating commodity resins in injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines. In addition, other applications can be found in the food and pharmaceutical industries or any situation in which efficient band heating is a requirement.

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters originate heat from the inner coils that conduct heat at maximum temperatures. The heated coils evenly release heat through the ceramic tiles which radiate energy to the application.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters

The MI will consistently out-perform other bands in virtually any application. Its ability to withstand extremely high heat makes it the best choice for the plastics industry, especially when processing engineering-grade resins. Additional uses include heating pipes, chemical processing and drum heating.

Choose a MI Band when the temperature of the heater will exceed 650º F (343º C).  MI band heaters up to 1400º F (760º C) a degrees Fahrenheit.  In summary, MI can be modified to meet the demands of virtually any special application.

Cast-In Band Heaters

Cast-in band heaters are usually designed in aluminum alloys. For applications requiring higher operating temperatures and/or higher watt densities, bronze or brass alloys are the metal of choice. In addition, these can be used cool by either liquid or air.

Cast-in heaters are durable, robust, and custom made to sizes that best fit your applications. They have precision heating tolerances and are an efficient method of uniform heating.

Cast-in often have tubing cast into the aluminum along with the heater. This allows the user to run cooling water through the tubing for a quick cool down.

In summary, cast-in band heaters are unique because they have a wide temperature range. Cast-in aluminum band heaters can be used for applications up to 700°F (371°C), whereas cast-in bronze band heaters can be used for applications up to 1400°F (769°C).

When Ordering Please Specify:
  • Quantity
  • Inside diameter and width
  • Volts/Watts
  • Termination Type
  • Desired clamping
  • Part number if known or previously ordered
  • Construction variations: wedge lock, flange, two piece, expandable, etc.
  • Special holes or cut outs. Please provide drawing of hole location
  • Specify total wattage on 2-Piece construction.
Mineral Insulated MI Band Heater
Watlow Mineral Insulated MI Band Heater

Electrical Terminations and Clamping

In each of the band heater styles, multiple terminations are available to meet the customizable design you are looking for. Some of these termination options include leads, stainless steel braid, and post terminals. In summary, electrical connection types are: flexible leads wires (various sleeving), screw terminals, plug, cap, pipe coupling, copper elbow, and even optional terminal box. In addition, Type J or K thermocouples can be used to monitor temperature with the band heaters termination location.

Along with specialized terminations, the clamping styles for band heaters can vary as well too. A variety clamping styles include, straps, barrel nuts, welded barrel nuts, and spring-loaded clamping. Sometimes, a specialized quick clamp is used that makes the attaching and removal process more efficient and easier, especially during the heating process keeping production down times at a minimum.

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