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Watlow Industrial Electric Thermal Solutions

Watlow Products

Watlow is a global supplier of industrial electric thermal solutions.  Products include industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers, software and more.

Eurotherm Temperature Controls

Eurotherm Products

Eurotherm owned by Watlow and is a premier provider of temperature, power and process control, measurement and data management equipment, systems, software and services for global industrial markets.

BriskHeat Products Heaters Temperature Controllers

BriskHeat Products

BriskHeat products include flexible surface heaters, temperature controls, heat trace and insulators world-wide. Their core heating element technology is extremely durable and flexible making it suitable for a wide range of heating applications.

Mokon Products Temperature Control Units

Mokon Products

Mokon has set the standard for high quality circulating liquid temperature control systems. Mokon’s product line has grown to include heat transfer oil systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, blown film coolers, cold climate coolers and more.

Backer Marathon Products Electric Heaters Thermocouples

Backer Marathon Products

Backer Marathon is a US-based heating elements and sensor manufacturer specializing in Cartridge Heaters, Band Heaters, Ceramic Heaters, Mica Heaters, Air Heaters, Tubular Heaters and Thermocouples.

Pyromation Products

Pyromation Products

Pyromation products include Temperature Sensors, RTD Sensors, Thermocouples, Thermowells, Transmitters and more.


Gefran Products

Pressure Sensors: Pressure Transducers, Pressure Transmitters and Monitoring.

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Electric Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Turnkey Process Heating Systems and Temperature Control

Cast Aluminum Solutions
Cast Aluminum Solutions

Cast Aluminum Heaters, Circulation Heaters and Thermal Components

Chromalox Advanced Thermal Technologies

Industrial Heaters, Skid Mount Systems and Heat Trace

Duratherm Processing Systems Inc.
Duratherm Processing Systems, Inc.

Runnerless Mold Components, Heaters and Temperature Sensors

East Coast Sensors, Inc.
East Coast Sensors, Inc.

Thermocouples, RTDS, Thermistors, Thermowells and Protection Tubes

Future Design Controls
Future Design Controls

Process & Temperature Controls, Recording & Data Acquisition Products and Custom Controls

Glo Quartz

Industrial Electric Heaters and Metal Tubular Elements

Heat and Sensor Technology
Heat & Sensor Technology

Heaters, Tubular Elements, Temperature Sensors and other System Components

Indeeco Heating Solutions
Indeeco Heating Solutions

Heaters, Tubular Elements, Control Panels, Controls, Heat Trace and other System Components

March Bellofram
Marsh Bellofram

Industrial and Process Control Instrumentation

Nexthermal Smart Heat Management

Cartridge Heaters, Coil Heaters, Flexible Tubular Elements and Sensors

Automatic Timing and Controls
Automatic Timing & Controls

Timers, Controllers, Relays and Accessories


Heater, RTDS, Thermostats, Controls, Relays and Control Panel Accessories

CR Magnetics

Sensing Relays, Current Transmitter, Current Limit Relays and Indicators


Infrared Sensors, Thermocouple, Thermal Switches, Thermometers and Accessories

Heater Logix

Heating Elements, Hot Runner Components and Control Panels


Silicone Rubber Heaters, Polyester Heaters and Kapton Heaters

Master Cast

Cast Aluminum Heaters

Payne Engineering

SCR Controls and SCR Power Controls

Process Technology

Inline Heaters, Electric Immersion Heaters, Process Controls, Heat Exchangers, Immersion Coils and Accessories


Infrared Heaters, Infrared Heater Controls and Oven Systems


Ovens, High Temperature Heaters and Insulation, Semiconductor Heating Elements and Control Systems


TutPart Components, Sure Heat Air Heaters and Hot Runner Components

Weco International

Ceramic Infrared Heaters, Ovens, Comfort Infrared and Controllers

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