Watlow Mineral Insulated Band Heater

  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low mass construction
  • Operating Temps up to 1400°F
  • Watt densities up to 100 W/in2
  • Maximum voltage 480V
  • Easy Clamping System
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Watlow Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters offer high performance heat transfer for cylinder shaped applications. The exclusive mineral insulation Watlow offers provides higher thermal conductivity than mica or hard ceramic insulators that are used conventional heaters. The construction of this heater allows for efficient heat transfer while preserving the life of the element wire. A thin layer of high thermal conductive Mineral Insulation (MI) material protects the element wire from the inside diameter of the heater sheath.

Watlow Mineral Insulated Band Heater Specifications

The Watlow mineral insulated band heater can operate at temperatures up to 1400°F with watt densities up to 100 W/in2 (15.5 W/cm2) available on large diameter barrel bands. Additionally, the maximum voltage can be set up to 480V. Ultimately these performance capabilities allow for high thermal conductivity of MI with a low mass construction. Watlow’s mineral insulation provides an almost instant response to temperature control and precision to ensure confidence in any thermal process. The entire heater has a stainless-steel cover and a side fold design to resist contamination from overflow or plastic or other free-flowing materials. Lastly, Watlow mineral insulated band heaters have a simple and efficient clamping system to eliminate cumbersome clamping straps and to maximize efficiency.

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Typical Applications:

Extruders, Injection Molding, blown film dies, Cylinder heating applications, and vessel heating.

Technical Documents

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Watlow Mineral Insulated Band Heater Specifications

Watlow Mineral Insulated Band and Barrel Heaters

Watlow Heating Reference Sheet