Tempco Mineral Insulated Band Heater

  • Durable construction
  • Maximum Temperature: 1400° F
  • Many Termination Options
  • Resistance Tolerance: +10%, -5%
  • Wattage Tolerance: +5%, -10%
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Tempco mineral insulated band heater provides excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength is used to insulate the nickel chrome resistance wire from the stainless steel sheath. The heater construction is formed under pressure to distinct diameters with a thin low-mass cross section, assuring fast heat-up rates and reduced cycle times.


Additionally the Tempco Mineral Insulated Band Heater has many available termination options including type W1, type W2, type L1, type R2, type R1, Type W5.

Type W1: Straight lead wire braid leads

Type W2: Right-angle wire braid leads, parallel to heat

Type L1: Plain wire leads

Type R2: Right-angle armor cable

Type R1: Straight armor cable

Type W5: Right-angle wire braid leads, 90 degrees to heaters

Mineral Insulated Band Heater Construction

Tempco Mineral insulated band heaters provide great solutions for high watt density operating temperatures and applications. Furthermore these heaters have capability to provide temperature up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and watt densities up to 150W per squared inch. The size of the band heater with will determine the watt density and it operating temperatures. Many sizing options are available to meet the needs of your specific application. Also Tempco provides very durable power screw terminals that are unique to their manufacturing. These screws are constructed from stainless steel and are resistant to over-torqueing. In addition the clamping mechanism for these band heaters is a strong one piece construction that is built into the heater. The power of the clamp is attested to the nuts and socket head screws, which provides the superior clamping force for maximum performance.

Specifications and Tolerances

Maximum Temperature: 1400°F

Nominal Watt Density:

  • Nozzle Bands – under 3″ diameter 30-100 W/in²
  • Barrel Bands – 3″ and greater in diameter 20-70 W/in²

Maximum Watt Density: 150 W/in² dependent on the heater size, operating temperature and termination

Maximum Voltage: 480VAC per termination

Duel Voltage: Available depending on heater configuration

Maximum Amperage:

  • Lead wire termination – 12.5A
  • Screw termination – 8-32UNF – 20A / 10-32UNF – 25A

Resistance Tolerance: +10%, -5%

Wattage Tolerance: +5%, -10%

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF Files:

Tempco MI Band Heater Catalog

Tempco MI Band Heater Watt Density

Tempco MI Band Heater Terminations

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