Tempco Cast-In Band Heater

  • Aluminum, Brass or Bronze
  • Liquid or Air cooling functions
  • Variety of terminations and clamps
  • Finned or Smooth Shell
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The Tempco Cast-In Band Heater is a great solution for cylindrical heating applications. These Cast-In Band Heaters have a standard aluminum alloy constructions for efficient heat transfer and other thermal conductive properties. For applications that require higher operating temperatures and/or higher watt densities Tempco offers alloys in brass or bronze.

Additionally, a Tempco Cast-In Band Heater can be manufactured with one of two cooling methods: Liquid-cooled or Air-cooled. These cooling functions are critical components to maintaining proper temperatures for band heater applications. Also, Tempco performs precision machining of the inside diameter of the band heater to yield exceptional heat transfer. This will provide better control to heating the cylindrical application and help the customer meet their specific specifications. Cooled band heaters are a unique Tempco design that will enable precise temperature treatment to a varied of applications.

Tempco Cast-In Band Heater Configuration Details

Cast-in Band Heaters by Tempco come in different designs to help meet the needs of application processes. There are Finned Cast-In heaters with or without side flanges. These are cooled through liquid or air processes. There also is a variety of termination styles that meet the requirements for space, accessibility and reliability. The most popular use of Tempco Cast-In Heaters is for plastic extrusion and downstream equipment processes. Also these heaters are available in different sizes to help meet your specific application. The Tempco Cast-in band heater is configured to your specifaction with different volt requirements, wattage requirements, single or three phase power supply, material construction, diameter, length, and heater end type.

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