Introducing the Watlow F4T Temperature and Process Controller with INTUITION®. This temperature and process controller device combines power, flexibility and functionality with unmatched versatility. It has a 1/4 DIN controller, touch-screen technology and COMPOSER software. In addition, this F4T controller has a 4.3 inch Touch Panel Display.

In summary, the Watlow F4T all-in-one optional capabilities include: integrated PID controller, data logger with encrypted files, graphical trend charts, limit controller, solid state relays, timers, counters, PLC math and logic, panel switches and lights (softkeys) all connected via Ethernet communications.

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Watlow F4T Controller

Watlow F4T Temperature Process Controller

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Description: 1-4 PID loops with profiles & data logging options
Control/Limit Loops: 4/4
Max Monitor Channels: 24
Alarms: Up to 14
Mounting: Front panel or flush mount
Profiling: Yes
Max Output: 10A SSR
Ambient Operating Range: 0 to 122°F (-18 to 50°C)
Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, FM, RoHS, CE
Communication Protocols: Std Bus, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, SCPI, USB 2
Remote Limit Reset: Yes

Technical Documentation – PDF files

Watlow F4T Brochure

The F4T Quick Start Guide

F4T Specifications

Retrofit Application

Watlow F4T Retrofit Application