BriskHeat Silicone Rubber Drum and Pail Heaters provide practical, efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control, and maintenance of materials at elevated temperatures. These designs have two extra-thick layers of fiberglass and silicone rubber reinforcement for excellent strength and durability. A variety of standard sizes are available with configure-to-order designs to meet your application requirements. Plug-and-Play, All-in-one, Portable, Built-in Adjustable thermostat.

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Drum and Pail Heaters

BriskHeat Drum Heater

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BriskHeat’s Drum and Pail Heaters reduce viscosity levels and increase flow of liquids in container in low ambient temperature. These heaters can be wrapped around containers that hold substances like grease, wax, honey, syrup, oil, etc.. They are suitable heat sources when uniform, controllable heat is requirement to handle liquids during pouring, dipping, pumping, coating or mixing operations.

Typical Applications: viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance, heat biofuel / biodiesel and melting of solids. In addition, heat-up drum contents to a required temperature, thermal mixing, 55 gallon drum heater and 5 gallon bucket water heating.

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BriskHeat Silicone Container Heaters

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Large heater coverage and high wattages
  • Exclusive FM approved hazardous-area silicone rubber drum heater
  • 360° grounded heating element
  • Easy adjustable temperature control
  • Full coverage drum heaters feature an easy-to-use digital temperature controller with audible/visual alarm
  • Full coverage drum heaters and insulators maximize heat efficiency
  • Variety of standard sizes and configure-to-order options

Silicone Container Heaters

Silicone Container Heater Heavy Duty BriskHeat