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Watlow EZ-ZONE Configurator software allows Watlow EZ-ZONE products like PID controllers, integrated controllers, solid state controllers and others to be configured in one simple process. Its interface is flexible and easier to read than the basic remote user interface (RUI). It operates without requiring purchase of communications options as it uses the standard bus communications protocol that is included with all EZ-ZONE products.

Watlow EZ-ZONE Configurator Software Download

Use of the Watlow EZ-ZONE Configurator is subject to the end-user license agreement displayed upon installation.

Key points when download the installation file:

  1. Consult with us for compatibility information, to ensure you have the correct version
  2. Click “Download Now” for the appropriate version
  3. Save the installation file on your desktop.
  4. When the download is complete, close your browser and any other applications.
  5. Double-click the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions.

Version 6.1 Compatibility

Watlow EZ-ZONE Configurator software version 6.1 can be used to configure any EZ-ZONE product but cannot download configuration files to products with firmware older than the minimum revision listed here.

EZ-ZONE Product Minimum Firmware Revision
EZ-ZONE PM Express 1.0
EZ-ZONE RM Control, Expansion and Access Modules  1.0
EZ-ZONE RM High Density Control, Limit and Scanner Modules  5.0
*Contact us for the most updated version and engineering support.

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Technical Documentation

Download pdf file:

Watlow Configurator Software 6.1

To download an installation (.exe) file – contact us

EZ-ZONE Configurator Software Download v6.1