Watlow COMPOSER Software

  • Customizable Interface
  • Multi-Controller Compatible
  • Process Monitoring and Configuration
  • Remote Access to Process Loops
  • Technical Support Tutorials
  • Compatible Operating Systems
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Watlow COMPOSER Software is the new, easy-to-use configuring and customizable controllers’ software. Use it to optimize Watlow’s F4T, D4T and EZ-ZONE PM and RM controllers for specific applications. Task-specific views simplify all aspects of commissioning new controllers including managing the inputs and outputs from pluggable flex modules, setting up functions such as control loops and alarms and creating and editing profiles. Function block diagrams project live data and error indications providing quick response time for process. Watlow COMPOSER® Software supports users with multi-language interfaces and integrated video tutorials.

The Watlow COMPOSER Software has a user friendly dashboard view that make it easy to connect to controllers and download configuration files. The dashboard clearly indicates process data and configurations errors that need to be addressed. Watlow COMPOSER® Software opens and displays saved configuration image files, simplifying remote user support. Additionally, the configurable interface lets users adjust window sizes and positions to work effectively.

Additional Features and Benefits

Watlow COMPOSER® Software contains a profile editor that speeds up profile creation and editing for specific processes. This interface allows for maintenance of profile lists in controllers from a remote PC. Furthermore, simplifying moving profiles from one controller to another as well as exporting profiles to PC files for backup. The Watlow COMPOSER® Software enables fast and reliable ethernet support that connects to one or more controllers. With calibration view, on-screen instructions and automation is reduces downtime by simplifying the calibration process. This software is compatible with operating systems such as Windows® 10 and Windows® 8.1.

Typical Applications:

Thermal and Process Solutions

Temperature Control Applications

Data Logging Applications

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

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Watlow COMPOSER Software

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