Gefran High Temperature Pressure Sensors

  • Pressure ranges from: 0-17 to 0-2000 bar / 0-250 to 0-30000 psi
  • Accuracy: < ±0.25% FS (H); < ±0.5% FS (M)
  • Fluid-filled system for temperature stability
  • SIL2 approvals for Functional Safety
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Gefran High Temperature Pressure ME (Mercury Filled) Series Sensors are pressure transducers or transmitters for using in High temperature environments. The main characteristic of this series is the capability to read temperature of the media up to 400°C or 752°F. The constructive principle is based on the hydraulic transmission of the pressure. Moreover, the fluid-filled system assures temperature stability. The physical quantity is transformed in a electrical measure by means the thick film strain-gauge technology. The SIL2 certified version makes the product suitable for use in the Functional Safety applications, particularly in the process plants for the production of polymers, where it is an essential requirement.

Gefran Melt High Temperature Pressure Sensors

Extrusion or Polymer Plants Applications:

– Rigid Stem
– Flexible Stem
– Flexible Stem with Thermocouples
– Capillary Exposed
– Flexible with Welded Flange

Output: 4..20mA, HART (Communication Protocol)
Safety Certifications: PLc, PLd, SIL2
Hazardous Areas Certifications: ATEX
Features: Autozero, Magnetic pen, Output scaling 3:1, Pressure and temperature peaks recording, adapters for polymers plants which have 2 disc flanges and 2 stem adapters with both 1/2 UNF and M18X1, 5 cover the requests.

Gefran Key Advantages of Melt Pressure Sensors

The use of melt probes is indispensable in extrusion processes as they contribute:

  • To the safety of the system when used to prevent an uncontrolled rise in machine pressure.
  • To improving the performance of production with their ability to keep flow-rate stable and optimal.

Melt Sensors are normally used in pressure reading:

  • along the cylinder to check its performance during the development and design of the screw
  • in the filter changer to check its cleanliness
  • before and after the gear pump to keep the flow rate constant
  • in the head for closed-loop pressure control

The Gefran Melt pressure sensor is ideal for applications in the polymer production and processing industry.

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

Technical Documentation

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Gefran Melt Pressure Sensor Brochure

Gefran Melt Pressure Sensor Datasheet


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