Watlow Finbar Single Ended Heaters

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Moisture retardant to 221°F (105°C)
  • Three phase wiring simplifying installation
  • UL & CSA component recognition
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Watlow Finbar Single Ended Heaters are composed of aluminized steel fins press-fitted to a one-inch single-ended FIREBAR element. The FINBAR finned tubular heater has a design to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces.

In addition, heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by the FINBAR heater’s finned construction. Installation is simplified by terminations exiting at one end and mounting accommodations on both ends.

A Single FIREBAR Heater can be wired Three-Phase

Three-phase wiring can simplify your heater installation. By offering three-phase capability, FIREBAR heaters, like FINBAR, provide a lower amperage solution while delivering the full power needed in a compact heater package. Previously, three separate heaters were required for the same job. Because only one element is required, installation time and overall costs are reduced.

Typical Applications

• Forced air heating for dryers, ovens, ducts
• Still air heating for ovens, comfort heating
• Incubators
• Ink drying
• Load bank resistors

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF files:

Watlow Finbar Tubular Heater Brochure

Watlow Finbar Tubular Heater Catalog