Tempco Cast-In Circulation Heater

  • 3 Design Options – Different Sizes
  • Replaceable Heating Element
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Exchanger
  • Optional Design Features
  • Incoloy Tubing


Tempco Cast-In Circulation Heater comes in three compact and lightweight designs that are effective for heating gases and liquids. The Tempco CHX-100 Series, CHX-200 Series, and CHX-300 Series. The material being heated is pumped through the coiled seamless 316 SS tubing that has been cast into an aluminum body to act as a heat exchanger. Any material flowing through the cast aluminum body never comes in contact with the heating elements. These are compact units that are equipped with exceptionally efficient heating elements that are easily replaceable when they burn out.

Tempco has designed cooling systems that provides a liquid cooling function to the heater. These units will have longer operating life with replaceable fittings and non-exposed fittings that come with different cooling options. Also, the rugged and durable construction assists in providing heater longevity. Cooling systems are available in all sizes and can be made to customer specifications.

Additionally the Tempco Cast-In Circulation Heaters have different design features to fit many different applications. Some of these features include process thermocouples, overtemperature thermocouples, high limit thermostat, incoloy tubing, and cast bronze heat exchanger body for higher pressure and operating temperature. The three sizing options of the Tempco Cast-In Circulation is for different operating temperatures and pressures to capture many different applications. Tempco also offers a variety of electrical termination options such as Type CN, Type T, and Type T7. Furthermore Tempco also can supply options for the Terminal Protection for these heaters. The following are options for Terminal options; Nema 4 Box, Nema 7 Box, Type C2 Standard Box, Type EP Explosion/Moisture Resistant box.

Typical Applications:

Solvent Heating, Steam Generation, Heating Air & Gases, Fuel Heating, Food and Beverage Heating, Coating and Paint Heating

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