Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater

  • High Watt Density
  • Conduit Box with Knockouts
  • Wooden Handle
  • Optional Post Terminals
  • Optional Disconnect Plugs
  • High Temp Lead wires 482°F (250°C)
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Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heaters are constructed with efficient and high-quality heating elements to produce exceptional heating solutions. The Tempco Hi-Density swaged cartridge heaters have close tolerance fits, can obtain watt densities of 100 watts per square inch which is 65% higher than competing heating elements. The benefits to having higher wattage are quicker heat-up time and minimum heat loss to the area surrounding the bolt. Each Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater is manufactured with a wooden handle attached to a terminal conduit box for easy insertion and removal.

Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater Specifications

The Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater will help assist with tightening large bolts in heavy machinery and equipment. The heater is the perfect size for easy insertion into a hollow nut. Then the heater is de-energized and removed once the bolt cools down. This process allows the fitting to contract back to the original size to provide a tight fit. These heaters can be configured to your specific needs with insertion lengths, diameter, heated lengths, voltage and wattage requirements. Many industries will utilize these heaters such as power plants, shipyards, large machine and die manufacturers, construction and boiler manufacturers.

Typical Applications:

Die Blocks, Large Compressors, Turbines, Large Cylinders, Engine Heads, Pressure Vessels

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Technical Documentation

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Tempco Bolt Cartridge Heater Catalog