Eurotherm Mini8 Loop Controller

  • Loop Controller
  • Fast integration
  • Modular and compact
  • Approvals: CE, EAC, UL/cUL Listed


The Mini8 Controller offers high performance control usually only found in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. It is also a very competitive and compact data acquisition device. Its modular design enables its I/O and feature set to be selected to cater for a wide range of applications from simple to complex.

Eurotherm Mini8 Loop Controller

It is an ideal partner to a PLC. Able to multi-drop on either serial, DeviceNet or Ethernet communications, it offers a cost-effective alternative to performing analog measurement or loop control in a PLC. Implementing these functions in the Mini8 controller helps reduce the cost of a PLC system, relieving it of the burden of performing analog functions, often allowing a lower specification processor to be used.

The Mini8 controller’s feature set is comparable with the Eurotherm EPC3000 programmable controllers including its high performance PID control together with a range of features such as Math, Logic, and Timing blocks. Cascade control function and the ability to use remote I/O with Eurotherm PID blocks extends the control capability.

When used in a data acquisition installation, the controller’s high-density analog I/O can be combined with the Eurotherm 6000 series paperless graphic recorder.

Eurotherm Mini 8 Controller Features

  • 16 control loops
  • 32 analog inputs
  • Modular & compact
  • Setpoint programming
  • Math and logic
  • Communications protocols
    • Modbus RTU
    • DeviceNet
    • Profibus DP
    • Modbus TCP
    • EtherNet/IP
    • EtherCAT

Mini8 Multi-Loop Controller Additional Benefits

  • Complements your PLC
  • World-class control algorithm
  • Accurate analog measurement
  • Flexible communication options
  • Compact modular design
  • Reduction in panel real estate
  • Can reduce total system costs

Eurotherm Mini8 Controller Specifications

The Mini8 controller must be mounted in a protective enclosure.

  • Power supply voltage: 17.8 V dc min to 28.8 V dc max.
  • Supply ripple: 2 Vp-p max.
  • Power consumption: 15 W max.
  • Operation temperature: 0 to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
  • Storage temperature: –10 to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)
  • Operating humidity: 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Applied voltage any terminal: 42 V pk max.

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Technical Documentation

Download PDF file:

Eurotherm Mini8 Controller Datasheet