Cast Aluminum Solutions Cast-X 2000 Circulation Heater

  • SS 316L Fluid path separation for safety
  • Self-Draining and non-welded
  • Compatible with high pressure applications
  • Low ownership cost: minimal maintenance
  • UL -Approved Heating Elements


The Cast-X 2000 Circulation Heater is a low-watt-density heating element designed and manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS). Cast-X Circulation Heaters are engineered using the latest thermal modeling and finest element analysis technology. Additionally these heaters contain helical-coiled stainless steel flow path tubes which have critical safety benefits. The media is sequestered in tubes, never touching the heating element. These heaters are especially safe in explosive or sensitive heating applications.

In addition, Cast-X Heater series are self-draining for safety and cleanliness. With compact, non-welded bodies, plus NEMA and ATEX enclosure, Cast-X units are small-footprint, high output heaters that meet the needs of high-purity processes, flammable operations, and your most critical heating applications.

Cast-X circulation heaters have multiple sensor options including type K or J thermocouples. These heaters also have sensor options with snap-action high-limit thermostats for temperature control.  Other accessories include insulating jackets and compression fittings.

Typical Applications

  • Compressor Condensate Evaporation
  • Semiconductor Solvent Application
  • DI Water Heating
  • Fuel and Oil Pre-Heating
  • Nitrogen Gas Heating
  • Two-Part Urethane and Foam Systems
  • Anodizing / Plating Pre-Wash Application

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF files:

CAS Aluminum Cast-X 2000 Technical Brochure

CAST-X Circulation Heaters Summary Sheet



  • 1 kW Total to 6 kW Total
  • Voltage Range: 120 – 480 V
  • Max Line Current 25 A per circuit


  • .500 OD (1/2″) (12.7 mm)
  • .065″ Wall (1.7 mm)
  • Overall Process Tube Length: 150″ (3810 mm)
  • 316L Stainless Steel (standard)
  • Inconel (optional upgrade)
  • Passivated or Electro-Polished (optional upgrade)

Max Pressure: 4300 psi (295 bar)


  • NEMA 1 (general-purpose/dust-proof)
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant)
  • NEMA 7 (explosion-proof)
  • Available with Standard or Standoff Design

Max Working Temperatures:

  • NEMA 1 (dust-proof/general-purpose): 482ºF (250ºC) with standoff: 662ºF (350ºC) with t-stat (w/ or w/o) standoff: 250ºF (121ºC)
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant): 350ºF (175ºC) with standoff : 662ºF (350ºC)
  • NEMA 7 (explosion-proof): 482ºF (250ºC)


  • K or J Thermocouples Standard
  • Snap-Action High-Limit Thermostat
  • Process and High-Limit Thermocouples

Available Accessories:

  • Insulating Jacket
  • Compression Fitting