BriskHeat Wet-Area IBC/Tote Tank Heaters

  • Wide Range of Design Options
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • UL Safety Approval
  • Indoor/Outdoor and Wet Environment Safe
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BriskHeat Wet-Area IBC/Tote Tank Heaters offer a full coverage and moisture resistant heating solution. These heaters are have a durable design for indoor/outdoor use and in wash-down environments. Additionally this tote heater is lightweight, very easy to install and is reusable for multiple different units. The BriskHeat wet-area tote tank heater has adjustable sizing buckles to ensure a snug fit and exceptional heat transfer to your tote. Furthermore this is heater is safe for both plastic and metal totes.

There are many benefits to choosing the BriskHeat Wet-Area IBC/Tote Tank Heaters for your heating solution. BriskHeat’s tote heaters are safe with a 360 degree grounded heating element and cool-touch surface. Also your product within the tote is safe from contamination or scorching from these heaters. This is a great product for viscosity control and freeze protection in moist environments. BriskHeat produces this product with a plug and play power source for quick setup and flexibility to move your totes. Also fixed to the outside of the tote is a programmable digital temperature control for precise solution temperatures.

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Technical Documentation

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BriskHeat Wet-Area Specifications

BriskHeat Wet-Area Line-Card

BriskHeat Wet-Area Manual