BriskHeat DHI Drum Immersion Heaters

  • Universal installation
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Safe for metal or poly drums
  • Food-safe construction
  • CE Approval on 240v units


BriskHeat DHI Drum Immersion Heaters lead in viscosity control for container heating solutions. These drum heaters supply the maximum thermal efficiency and faster heat-up rate compared to the full-coverage heaters. Additionally, BriskHeat has a flange connection that is easy to install and has universal fittings for 55-gallon drums.

The heater screws directly into the top and is safe for metal or poly drums. Each heater comes with an adjustable control to allow for efficient temperature control of the solution. For safety the BriskHeat DHI Drum Immersion Heater is grounded and has a food-safe construction. Overall, the BriskHeat DHI Drum Heater is a user-friendly product to control highly viscous solutions.

Typical Applications:

Viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance, heat-up drum contents to a required temperature

We provide engineering and product support for your application.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF Files:

BriskHeat DHI Immersion Heater Catalog

BriskHeat DHI Immersion Heater Manual